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Headline of the Day

Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Truck Balls

You've heard of having "junk in the trunk." Apparently, having big steel balls dangling off the back of your truck is equally distracting, so much so that truckers may get a $250 fine for displaying theirs. Click here to read more about this silliness. May I propose a mudflap girl ban next? Thanks.

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MrsSchmitt MrsSchmitt 9 years
I hate these!!!!!!!!! Makes me want to ram the car in front of me with them...
CestLaVie CestLaVie 9 years
The first time I ever saw anything like this was with my boyfriend when we were going on the sand dunes in Silver Lake Michigan and everyone had suped up rides, I thought they were hilarious and took a picture. I wouldn't say for an every day vehicle but something like a buggy... it was funny.
lookmomchickens lookmomchickens 9 years
For a women to have a set of Truck Nutz is a little on the akward side, I agree, BUT my fiance owns a trucking company and all of our guys have a set of Truck Nutz hanging from their trucks or from their trailers and I see nothing wrong with it (of course they have nuts of their own). I always hear the guys saying... "I bet my chrome nuts are bigger than your orange rubber nuts..." which isn't offensive in anyway to me atleast. I mean honestly, if I had bought a pair of X-Large CHROME Truck Nutz costing anywhere from $80-160.00 I would want to display my shiny balls, too. =) Yes, they come in MANY sizes and colors.
controlledspin controlledspin 9 years
I would normally think that these were very funny, and before I was a stepmom - I probably would've thought so. BUT my stepkids mother had these on her SUV, and while she thought that made her big and bad, it was embarrasing. And my husband and I got to wonder if their two children knew what these were, and why 'Mommy' thought they were so cool. Very redneck!! She might as well have towed her trailer home behind her everywhere she went! LOL
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