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Lesbian Asked Not to Wear Suit to Wedding

Awkward! Asked to Dress "More Feminine" For a Wedding

A friend told me an interesting story that provides a modern twist on the high drama that often goes on during wedding preparations.

Her friend — we'll call her X — identifies as a lesbian and often wears boyish clothes. X was invited to her cousin's wedding and asked to read a poem — but the cousin balked when she found out that she was going to wear a man's suit. "Can't you wear something more girlish and feminine — for me?!" was the gist of her response.

After some discussion, the cousin realized she was asking for something unfair; what difference did it make that X, someone she loved, wore a suit or not? The most important thing was that she would be there for the wedding. At the end of the day, X wore a suit, did a wonderful reading of the poem, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Have you ever had unreasonable sartorial demands asked of you for a wedding? (Like, say, "Please wear this fuchsia-colored bridesmaid dress so I look dazzling?") How did you handle it?


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