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Levi Johnston Gives Interview

Bristol Palin's Boyfriend Levi Johnston, Talks Relationship

Though it probably won't change the course of the election in the least, Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin's baby, gave a rare interview with the Associated Press. Just in case you're curious, and . . . oh, fine. I am. Here's what Levi had to say:

On weddings, shotgun:
"None of that's true. We both love each other. We both want to marry each other. And that's what we are going to do.''

So...? Boy/girl?
No names were discussed but he said, 'I'm looking forward to having him. I'm going to take him hunting and fishing. He'll be everywhere with me.''

That dicey "I don't want kids" MySpace page?
Levi says it was created by his friends a couple of years ago as a joke.

On his relationship with Bristol:
'We were planning on getting married a long time ago with or without the kid. That was the plan from the start.''






To see thoughts on his Bristol tattoo and fatherhood,


How the AP described Levi:
"Johnston is an avid hunter. He's dark haired, tall and muscular, sports a bit of stubble and drives a red Chevy Silverado truck. He'd be the perfect cover for Field & Stream."

On the Bristol finger tattoo:
He says he lost a promise ring Bristol gave him on a caribou hunt, and figured the ink was less likely to go missing.

Has the attention changed him?
"I'm still the same old boy. I'm just a workin' man.''

So. . . you're going to be a dad? You ready?
''We're up for it. I'm excited to have my first kid. It's going to be a lot of hard work but we can handle it.''

Who's going to win the election?
''I just hope she wins. She's my future mother-in-law. She better win.''

So nope, not a story with hard-hitting policy points or sentiments with global reach and import, but fun? Your thoughts on Levi? Is he the "Wasilla heartthrob" the AP says he is?


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bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
Maybe when the baby is born they will have a People/OK!/In Touch cover just like Jamie Lynn Spears ...
Jillness Jillness 8 years
If NO ONE can talk about her family and the father of her teenage daughter's child... ....then how come he is doing interviews? I am sorry, but you can't whine about press coverage and then go give interviews. That is just tacky. Hmmm....looks like the McCain campaign needed some distraction to divert from the economy. They are using teenagers!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
Kiki- I'm with my hs bf, we started dating at the very end of senior year, and ended up going to the same college! We're now in grad schools (law/phd) on opposite sides of the country, and still super crazy about each other and planning on getting married.'s hard to resist being like "oh we're not like a typical high school couple," because yeah there is that stigma that it's just two kids from the backwoods who get married at 18, skip college and start popping out babies! Um, all I have to say about Bristol and Levi is that they don't do too much to shake that stereotype! ;)
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
:foggy: was supposed to be this little guy :fogey: An emoticon for foggy would just look like a hazy block. That would be boring.
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
Yeah but CG, you aren't 17. All the kiddies love this myspace. :foggy: If he is a remotely popular high school student with an internet connection, chances are he has a my space page of his very own. If he doesn't have an internet connection, they I will buy it. Otherwise, not biting.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
TS I don't have a tv either. Well I do...but it's in my closet. I watch all my tv shows online and stream debates and speeches live. Of course it just means that I'm online all the time. It's how I chill out when I'm not running around like a crazy person that is.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
kastarte, I had a friend of mine create a fake page for me, twice, because I am adamantly against Myspace.
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
"created by his friends a couple of years ago as a joke," :rotfl: Is there a bridge somewhere you'd like to sell me, too? Obviously it isn't going to be easier for them but from what I've read, it looks like they have a strong support system.I bet Sarah and Todd make good grandparents.
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
Jessie, I, too, think they should wait. Even though my guy and I have known that we are going to get married for a long time we wouldn't if I were to wind up pregnant. I have never been for getting married to make an out of wedlock pregnancy "right". I was replying to this: "So, you know, they're that couple. Either she was going to get pregnant and they'd have to get married or they'd break up shortly after high school graduation." Basically I was trying to say that not every couple that starts out together in high school ends up divorced. I was showing that sometimes high school couples can make it without becoming one of those two choices. I completely agree that they should wait and that the added stress of marriage on top of the baby can be a bad thing ... this happened to my own brother. I know what it is like and how it can end in divorce. That situation was very similar. She got pregnant, dropped out of high school and after two kids my brother and her were divorced. But ... not all high school couples end up pregnant and married or broken up after Sr. year. There are other things that happen too.
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
everybody loves a shotgun wedding... not so much the divorce a few years later.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
I live in podunk though... I NEED tv! Its my connection to the outside world!! :) But if I lived in a city or close to one, I could see getting by without it.
True-Song True-Song 8 years
Well, lately I seem to spend that extra time on the internet... But yeah. It keeps me from sitting down in front of a Hills marathon and then thinking, "Where did my Saturday go?"
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
Thats pretty cool! I don't think I could do it, but I bet you spend a lot less time just being lazy and zoning out...
True-Song True-Song 8 years
Oh, and we had netflix but now we just use the library. They have almost everything, and it's free!
True-Song True-Song 8 years
I was a tv junkie as a kid. I'd come home from school and just sit in front of it until it was time for bed, basically. Now we don't have one. We watch movies or shows on DVD on a laptop on the coffee table (which sounds like it would be such a small screen, but it's so much closer to us than I think most people are to their tvs, I don't think it makes a huge difference) and I catch some shows that are streamed online.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
OH THATS BAD TS!!! hahaha! So you HAD a tv and now you don't?? Why did you get rid of it? Do you have a TV but no cable? I know some people who just use Netflix...
True-Song True-Song 8 years
"ins and outs" *snicker*
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
I don't care a lick about these two. I mean as a fellow human I wish them well. But the ins and outs of their relationship doesn't interest me at all and would NEVER influence my feelings about the republican ticket. They're a cute couple though. Good luck to them.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
I don't believe getting an abortion is the "easy" way out. When your pregnant in high school there is no easy way out. Getting an abortion is not like changing your clothes, its a very difficult decision to make. Bristol and Levi are extremely lucky. She doesn't have to drop out of school and he doesn't either. It just doesn't make since to drop out of school because the little money that he is going to make won't do anything. Her parents are obviously going to support her so there is no need to drop out. If I was Bristol's mom she and then they both do an online college and then start working. I don't see the point in getting married either but I have any problems with it.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
True, Mine doesnt get my obsession with Air Supply and MASH.
True-Song True-Song 8 years
Mine never watched a lot of TV growing up, so we still have those moments though we're just a few months apart in age. He would not get my Corey and Topanga reference.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Dude, I felt really old when I found out he's never heard a Genesis song. The 80s (my childhood) mean nothing to him besides the occasional I Love The 80s rerun on VH1!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
True, he totally lied to me for months about how old he was, and he had dropped out of High school so I just thought he was working at the mall, that he was probably in his early 20's, he was in a band (arent they all?) tattoos, very mature, smart, I mean you dont ask for thier ID when you start dating! when i found out his age, completely stopped seeing him, untill I knew it was just inevitable that we belonged together. its been a roller coaster (just celebrated 8 years last week) but arent all marriages?
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
And mine was a high school dropout, who is now one of the top IT Guys at one of the top teaching hospitals in the nation...... Jude, I am always going "you were too young to remember....." Ha Ha Ha.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 8 years
I hope it works out for them. I can't help but feel like this boy is kind of being forced into it (not based on anything except my own imagination, of course). Weren't Sarah and Todd married under similar circumstances? It could very well work out. The people that I know who have stayed together since high school are very much committed to each other, in fact I think they are some of the best relationships I've seen. Most people don't last that long so I guess if you do, you've really put a lot into it. As far as younger men go, when I have my mid life crisis I intend to take a 20 year old lover...I'm actually really looking forward to it! I seem to be having a lot of 21 year old guys crossing my path lately and if I wasn't married I'd probably go after one of them...
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