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Libertarian Bob Barr: Why You're Not Wasting Your Vote

Libertarian Bob Barr: Why You're Not Wasting Your Vote

Bob Barr, who served as a Republican Congressman from Georgia from 1995-2003 and spearheaded the impeachment of Bill Clinton, is the Libertarian party's nominee for US president. As tiff58 pointed out yesterday, Barack Obama and John McCain are not the only people running for president.

Barr argues that a vote for a major party candidate is a wasted vote. He elaborated on Glenn Beck, explaining that a vote for John McCain or Barack Obama "is a vote for the establishment [...] a vote for business as usual" and that the system is never going to change if we keep voting for the lesser of two evils.

Barr says he left the GOP because they became obsessed with reelection and ignored principle. He says George W. Bush stands proudly "before the American people and says 'yes I violated the law, but I violated it for you.'"

For more on where Barr stands on the issues,


Barr likes small government, maximized individualized liberties, and the return to the constitution. Do these sound like unattainable platitudes, or responsible policy? Some of the headlines from Barr's website include: The War on Drugs Has Been a Failure; Stop the War Threats: Emphasize Diplomacy With Iran, Says Bob Barr; Bob Barr Tells John McCain: No Spying Outside the Law.

Based on the little you most likely know about Bob Barr, do you think he is the answer for true conservatives? Could he be the answer for dissatisfied voters facing McCain? Is a vote for Bob Barr throwing away a vote?


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