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I picked up this month's GQ to take a peek at the article on the candidates' wives that nyaradzom2001was raving about (it's totally funny by the way, worth picking up the issue — plus there's a great group interview with The Daily Show kids) and I found this: an open letter to Lou Dobbs. Dobbs, the simultaneously lambasted and loved CNN talking head has found his message: "no immigrants allowed." The kids at GQ, are quick to give him the mag equivalent of a towel snap — and hard.

Sagely advising him to, among other things, remember that we're all immigrants and "stop being such a hard ass" because he's not Bill O'Reilly, they invite Dobbs on a little trip south of the border saying,

You can even stop by and say hi to your rifle-wielding pals, the Minutemen. We can bring them beef jerky and beer and a bunch of pop-up books with really big pictures to pass the time.

And bringing home their hilarious plea for compassion, my favorite:

The point is, a couple hundred years ago, Americans would never have dreamed of closing the borders to people seeking refuge here. Don't believe us? Ask Larry [King] — he was there.

Well, Lou — sometimes it's funny 'cause it's true.


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liliblu liliblu 9 years
I agree with you hellokitty. I've watched Lou for a long time and I think people don't understand his message. He does not hate immigrants. He is not against legal immigration. Lou Dobbs is against illegal immigration. While I can understand that people want a better life; they still have to follow the law. There are many people who are legally waiting to enter this country. Should we bypass them and legalize every illegal immigrant in the country?
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
I've watched it and I loathe him and it's not so easy or cut and dried for everyone hellokitty. |Your mom managed and that's really great but there are people out there who are so desperate they will do anything. We don't know the situations of some illegal immigrants yes some could have done it legally and they are spreadding crime etc but for every one who is doing bad things there are three trying to make a living and to make a difference for themselves and their families. Illegal immigration sucks but the world needs more compassion...
hellokitty774 hellokitty774 9 years
If you actually watch Lou Dobbs you would know that he isnt anti-immigration he is anti "illegal" immigration. All Lou is saying is that if you want to live and work in America, come here following our rules and not sneaking through the border. 100 years ago our laws were not as strict as they are today (thank you terrorism). I truly believe that if an average American wanted to immigrate to say Germany, that person would take the time to find out what the immigration laws of that country are and abide by them. For example, my mother immigrated to America from Guatemala. She didnt illegally cross. She applied for a work visa, was approved and then later applied for citizenship. Instead of taking the word of GQ, watch the show and form your own opinion of his views.
Veekore Veekore 9 years
Funny! Obviously, Lou doesn't hold these views. Probably someone at CNN decided to give him this stance so it could boost ratings by people that hate him watching and talking it up.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
Hahah I just came home and I saw this totally made my day!!! ThANK YOU!!
Jillness Jillness 9 years
Congrats to nyaradzom2001 for having a good eye! :) The immigration debate is so complicated, but Lou is off his rocker! It is very creepy that the word "illegal" is left out. Does he really think there should be no immigrants at all? I think ultimately the immigration debate comes down to labor laws. The reason American companies recruit them is because of cheap wages and the avoidance of labor laws. I think we won't find a solution until we stop condeming the migrating people and start looking at WHY they are in demand.
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