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Lighten Up: Rappers — They're Just Like Republicans! Right?

Lighten Up: Rappers — They're Just Like Republicans! Right?

Who loves Hummers? Rappers and Republicans apparently! After Rep. Virgil Goode took to his Fourth of July parade a gassy Hummer perhaps cementing his pimpness, The Daily Show took note and cooked up this game "Republican or Rapper?"

How are they alike? A love of money and guns (and some dicier reasons) according to the clip, but then this little parallel I uncovered: A prominent place on court dockets:

Rapper DMX (yep, the same one who recently learned a very important fact about the election) just pleaded not guilty to charges of theft and then plugged his upcoming album, in rap-form. Brilliant!

To see the rest of the Rapper/Republican trifecta,


Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Stevens is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court tomorrow on seven felony charges, including taking $250,000 in unreported gifts. Maybe DMX trumps though — he's also facing animal cruelty charges?

Then to complete the Rapper/Republican trifecta, the ultimate combo: Bill O'Reilly just branded Nas a "vile rapper." Who do you know better? Republicans or rappers? Is there a commonality? Perhaps we're all just mavericks deep down, and that's how we roll?

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