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aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
"You have a wild streak! But you can keep it hidden when necessary. In fact, as a middle child, you have a changeable nature and wear many different hats. Your favorite role is that of the sultry little sister, and when you’re playing this role there are few men who can resist you. You also have a bossy, domineering side that can get you ahead in business if you work as a supervisor, director or manager. But beware of being too bossy with your friends, especially males. Your best romantic match is an older brother of sisters, or another middleborn who has at least one younger sister close in age to him. With boys who have older sisters, you can party and play games, but you’ll miss the kind of romantic take-charge dynamic that’s so important for your happiness. You have the same birth order as Britney Spears. Your best celebrity love match is Tom Cruise." Interesting. My boyfriend is the youngest with 4 older brothers and an older sister. Hmmm...
luckyme luckyme 9 years
The sibling thing was so interesting...and right on! I started reading it thinking it will be a bit of BS, but as I read, it was like, "check. Check. Check...and check." They were all right on. I was definitely surprised.
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
I forgot to add another one...because I have a half sister. However, we didn't grow up together. She's the oldest. Here it goes. Feminine is your middle name. You can flirt along with the best of them, and no one has a better imagination, especially when it comes to romance. In fact, sometimes you surprise yourself with the amazing, offbeat, creative ideas that pop into your head. If you could put even a fraction of your brainstorms into practice, you’d quickly become a millionaire. And speaking of money, it’s more important to you than to other women. Not only should you be sure to find a career that will satisfy you, but you should pair up with a guy who will help you achieve your dreams. Together you’ll take big risks and aim for the stars—the financial stars, that is. Your best match is an older brother of sisters, although he may feel you’re not as feisty as the younger sisters he grew up with. An older brother of brothers could also be a good match, even though he might not understand your feminine side as much as you’d like. A younger brother of sisters could keep you amused and entertained, but he might annoy you at times with his lack of attention. You have the same birth order as Cameron Diaz. Your best celebrity love match is Kid Rock.
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
I know mines is right on both parts. I love a partner in the higher career positions. I've always gotten along with the teachers than the student...LOL Also, I'm still a dominate person... I don't let no one run over my feelings OR ideas...
emalove emalove 9 years
"There’s no question that you like to be in the driver’s seat, and any partner has got to respect that about you. As a firstborn, you’re driven to succeed and to achieve the lofty goals you set for yourself. You’re a perfectionist who probably needs to lighten up a little and learn to relax and enjoy life. Behind your back, your friends are saying, “She’s got so much energy! Why can’t she just take it easy sometimes?" Your best romantic match is a male only child, especially if his father had older sisters. If you can deal with his ego, you’ll be fine; your ego is just as big, so just give him room to be himself, and the relationship will rock. Other great matches include lastborn guys and middleborns who have older siblings close in age. With other firstborns, you tend to fight for leadership and dominance, but even these relationships can work if you learn to share power. You have the same birth order as Nicole Kidman. Your best celebrity love match is Tiger Woods." Interesting...a lot of this is definitely me, especially the perfectionist part. And my husband is a middle-born child and he DOES have an older sibling who is only one year older (and two younger siblings as well).
almost-famous almost-famous 9 years
Because you grew up with no siblings, you tend to interact well with adults and people in leadership positions. This is why you’re very comfortable working for high-status movers and shakers like senators, deans, presidents of corporations, and anyone who has authority by virtue of education, accomplishment, wealth or political power. You’re fascinated by tradition, you like reading biographies, and you love celebrity gossip. Despite what people say, you’re no more spoiled than any first- or lastborn. Like middleborns, you have a good combination of firstborn drive and lastborn creativity. Your best romantic match is a guy who has younger sisters. But if your mother is the older sister of sisters, your best match is a younger brother. This is because female only children tend to adopt their mother’s birth order personality. So if your mother was a firstborn, you’ll tend to have more leadership and dominance traits and should be highly compatible with laterborns. You have the same birth order as Brooke Shields. Your best celebrity love match is Keanu Reeves.
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