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Lisa Edelstein in Coat Hanger Abortion Ad

Coat Hanger Abortion Ad: Actress Lisa Edelstein Goes There

Maybe pro-lifer du jour Justin Bieber would favor safe and legal abortions after watching this ad. House actress Lisa Edelstein stars in the new spot from that's taking on new legislation attempting to limit access to abortion.

In the ad, Lisa's voice-over says: "Decades ago, women suffered through horrifying back alley abortions. Or, they used dangerous methods when they had no other recourse. So when the Republican Party launched an all out assault on women's health, pushing bills to limit access to vital services, why is the GOP trying to send women back . . . to the back alley?"

She's then seen reaching for a coat hanger in a closet. Nancy Pelosi has called the bill disrespectful of the judgment of American women and "the most comprehensive and radical assault on women's health in our lifetime." Do you think a powerful commercial like this one can change people's minds?

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