Literary Halloween Costumes

22 Literary Costumes For Hardcore Book-Lovers

If you're a self-proclaimed reading addict, then dressing up as your favorite literary character is a good way to go this Halloween. There are countless characters to take on, but also plenty of bookish outfits that big readers will totally get a kick out of. Check out some of the best book costume ideas ahead.

Known for her love of books, Belle is the perfect combination of nostalgia and literary love.

You could be just a regular librarian, or you could be an awesome zombie version. Take your pick.

If you want to celebrate your love of reading in the most literal sense, then why not dress up as an actual book?

Image Source: Costume Works

This is a fun way to portray the classic Hemingway novel with your significant other.

Hermione Granger is our inspiration for most things in life — for her bravery, loyalty, and most of all, her ridiculous smarts. She gets most of those straight from the pages of her oversize (and sometimes even dangerous) books.

Grab a group of friends and some cardboard for this costume inspired by the Mr. Men and Little Miss books.

While a small part of the book-lover in us is inclined to cringe slightly at the destruction of one of our favorite things in the world, we have to admit that this cool costume was totally worth it!

This is a book-lover's costume go-to, but it can be spiced up or made sexy if you want to make it your own.

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Since it's very likely you have been called this many times in your life, it makes for a great DIY costume option.

Show your love of books and cats with a fun ensemble made from a printed fabric.

Embrace the good old days by channeling your favorite childhood book friend.

Moonrise Kingdom's Suzy Bishop is not without a few things at all times: her quirk, her cat, and her books.

Carry the book and wear a black and white striped shirt with fake spiders on it for this outfit.

Quoth all book-lovers: "Nailed it."

If only these were real!

An alternative to being a book is to dress up to mimic the cover of a book you love. This literature-lover nailed the art on the front of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Image Source: Flickr user zombieite

Matilda's childhood was pretty rough, and she dealt with it by escaping to fantasy worlds that were more pleasant than the one she knew. There are several versions of this literature-lover you can be — pulling a red wagon full of books for instance. Bonus: you get to wear overalls.

Anne's vivid imagination comes from the pages of the many books she loves. If you are looking for a costume from another era, this one would work well!

Image Source: Flickr user adplayers

If you are not only a voracious reader but also a prolific writer, then this is the Halloween getup for you.

Image Source: Instructables

Rory Gilmore is the prime example of how reading is both fundamental and also straight-up cool.

The young sleuth is an easy and fun costume idea that shows some book love.

If you love literature, you're probably (read: definitely) a stickler for grammar. Express the importance of punctuation with a semicolon costume.

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