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27 Signs You Live With Girl Roommates

Jun 12 2015 - 9:00am

Whether it's because you're in college, you need to save money, or you just love the girls, living with female roommates is one of the greatest times in life. Sure, you might want to scream at them every now and then, but you have to admit the setup is pretty sweet. Ahead, nod along to 27 classic signs you've ever lived with your bests.

Source: HBO [1]

You Give Each Other Crucial Advice

Source: E! [2]

They Take Pictures of You Wasted

You Know Everyone They've Hooked Up With

Source: Oxygen [3]

You Get in Fights About Who's Shedding All That Hair

Source: Esquire TV [4]

You Know When to Apologize

You Spend Entire Days Watching Marathons of Say Yes to the Dress

You Find Condoms in Communal Spaces . . .

Source: Bravo [5]

But Then You're Like

You Secretly Hate It When They Go Out of Town

You Can't Wait to Get Home and Say, "OMG You Won't Believe What Happened."

You Get Your Periods at the Same Time

And It Seems Like Your Bathroom Trash Can Is Always Full of Tampons

Source: Bravo [6]

You Throw Impromptu Boxed Wine Parties on the Regular . . .

Source: E! [7]

Same Goes For Dance Parties

You Help Them Wax Difficult Areas

Your Bed Is No Longer a Private Space

They're Just as Willing to Act Like They're 15 Again

You've Seen Each Other Naked — on Purpose

They Borrow Your Clothes Without Even Asking

You're Just as Comfortable With Their Boyfriends Because They're Always Over

Filters No Longer Exist

They Know Things About You No One Else Ever Will

You've Learned to Tune Out Their Drunk Phone Calls

Your Life Is a Permanent Sleepover

You Pee in Front of Each Other Like Nobody's Business

You Get Tired of Hearing Them Complain About Their Boyfriends

But No Matter What Happens, You Will Always Be There For Each Other

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