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This Lizzie McGuire Group Halloween Costume Is What Nostalgic Dreams Are Made Of

It seems like '90s-inspired costumes have become a mainstay in Halloween culture. We can guarantee that any given Halloween party this weekend will have at least one Britney Spears from her ". . . Baby One More Time" music video and multiple Cher and Dionne duos from Clueless. But this trio of friends already won the nostalgic Halloween game, and it's not even Oct. 31 yet.

They dressed as Lizzie McGuire, Isabella, and the oh-so-suave Paolo from everyone's favorite Disney Channel film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie. To be honest, we're a little jealous we didn't think of this idea first ourselves. If you and two friends are still in need of a group costume for this weekend, why not take a crazy chance and DIY this look? We can guarantee that everyone who grew up in the early 2000s will instantly recognize you. Bonus points if you sporadically burst out into "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of" in the middle of your Halloween festivities. Hilary Duff would approve.

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