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Lonely After Five O'Clock

Lonely After Five O'Clock

Dear Sugar
I feel that I am a very social, kind and friendly person to be around. I do have friends, but people never seem to invite me out with them after work or on the weekends and I am not sure why. What are some things that I can do to try and change this? Bored at Home Heidi

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Dear Bored at Home Heidi
I am sorry you are feeling left out. Have you been sensing a disconnect from your friends or have you had a falling out that that could be preventing an invitation to hang out on the weekends? Are your friends as social as you or are they homebodies?

Try making the first move and initiate social plans with your friends instead of waiting for them to ask you. Friendship is a two way street and takes work from both parties. Could your friends be feeling the same way you are and afraid to ask you to make plans out of fear of rejection?

Try asking one of your gal pals if she would like to go see a movie have dinner this weekend. See if planning helps to get the ball rolling. Hopefully putting yourself out there will pay off and your nights sitting in front of the TV will be behind you.

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