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mariposaricart mariposaricart 9 years
I need this sign for my office....Take that
Dragon Dragon 9 years
blah1 has it right -- in England, antisocial behaviour is defined as "conduct which caused or was likely to cause alarm, harassment, or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as him or herself and where an ASBO [anti-social behaviour order] is seen as necessary to protect relevant persons from further anti-social acts by the Defendant". In addition, CCTV is vastly more common in the UK than in the US. So, actually, you see signs like this a lot, especially in market towns and larger villages where there is underemployment. (Sorry, off my soapbox now!)
blah1 blah1 9 years
Antisocial behavior is bricking windows etc. Avoidant behavior is being a loner
Static-Chemisty Static-Chemisty 9 years
Is that a real sign some where? That's kinda
flippy flippy 9 years
you mean they can see me staying at home and watching too much TV??? eeeeek!
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