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Long Legs Are Not Perceived as Attractive

Long Legs Get the Short Stick

Long legs may be pop culture's standard of beauty, but real people don't think they're quite as hot. A new study, which surveyed the perceptions of leg-to-body ratios among people in 27 countries, found that average-length legs in proportion to one's body are universally the most attractive. Meanwhile, men and women were both perceived as less attractive when they had short or excessively long legs.

Since the word "excessively" was added to describe long legs but not short, this doesn't exactly sound like a victory for the short-legged, but at least average just got a whole lot better.

Image Source: Thinkstock
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Ac2366 Ac2366 6 years
I'm tall and when I was younger I used to wish I was short so I could find clothes that fit me. Now that I'm older I wouldn't trade being tall for anything. I love my long legs and I (and others) find them very attractive.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
Yeah, the short stick. Find me pants that fit.
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