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Think your list of unfinished projects is long? According to the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (an agency created to oversee expenditure of taxpayers' money for Iraq reconstruction) has released a very “depressing picture.” The federal agency claims that delays, costs, poor performance and violence are to blame for the failure to complete 855 projects.

The audit also found many other projects falsely listed as complete and last year congressional investigators claimed as much as ten billion dollars charged by US contractors are “questionable.” Danielle Brian, executive director of the watchdog group Project on Government Oversight said:

The report paints a depressing picture of money being poured into failed Iraq reconstruction projects. Contractors are killed, projects blown up just before being completed, or the contractor just stops doing the work.

It's not just the jobs left officially undone — a ton of other projects had been falsely checked off as complete, according to the audit of 47,321 reconstruction projects.

Iraq reconstruction has cost US taxpayers more than $100 billion so far. While conditions in Iraq make anything difficult, how can taxpayers know that their money is being put to good use? Is there an accounting system that would help this phenomenon?


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Jillness Jillness 9 years
That is really disappointing to hear, cabaker!
hausfrau hausfrau 9 years
Agreed Jill. A lot of the people in the military that I know are the ones MOST fed up with contractors wastefulness, its pretty hard when you're on your 2nd or 3rd deployment and its super crappy and you have to work with contractors who get far more amenties and are being paid literally TWICE as much as you are. I've heard so many people say, Eh, I'll just get out of the military and work for a contractor,come back to Iraq making 100k and getting a hot shower everyday! I know all contractors aren't like that, but a lot of them are.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
"The audit also found many other projects falsely listed as complete and last year congressional investigators claimed as much as ten billion dollars charged by US contractors are “questionable.” 10 BILLION dollars! And there are only 4 comments on this thread. Amazing. People are so concerned about not raising taxes, or having gas tax vacations...and yet no one wants to acknowledge the big money eating elephant in the room! I remember reports last year that said 8 Billion dollars had been "lost" by contractors! No matter what your stance is on the war, I would think all parties would want to tackle wasteful spending.
stephley stephley 9 years
There's not going to be any real checks and balances for these contractors because they're so tied in politically. Bechtel has a revolving door for Cabinet secretary and has since Nixon; Cheney's old firm Halliburton has had problems with a couple of contracts. Pencil pushers aren't to blame, people who feed the corporate welfare system are.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
"Is there an accounting system that would help this phenomenon?" WHERE? in a large bureacracy? what a joke!
hausfrau hausfrau 9 years
I have no idea why we don't have a checks and balances when it comes to govt contractors. The amount of money they was is ASTONISHING.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
Hmmmm, I wonder who keeps destroying what we are building? As to the accounting system, this is a problem we US government is always going to have. Any time you have pencil pushers signing checks with no limit to their spending, and no oversight, you are going to have misappropriations. It happens in large corporations as well. I don't like that my taxdollars are wasted. I also don't know what can be done to curb the problem that is systemic to our system of government.
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