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Don't worry: you can revisit all of your favorite CitizenSugar stories on POPSUGAR Celebrity & News, where we archived all of Citizen's old content. And what about the editors whose insights you've been reading here on Citizen? We'll now be sharing our points of view on POPSUGAR Celebrity & News. Let's keep the conversation going!

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kfp123 kfp123 5 years
The contents are really good…           
shiana shiana 5 years
Good one…  
strangehunny strangehunny 6 years
lol! I have no idea what citizen sugar was but reading the last 20 or so "anonymous" comments above---- which if you look at them there are "posted by......" with some pretty hilarious names. Gosh---I guess this means they are not really anonymous then.
ladygypsy ladygypsy 8 years
Just wanted to swing by and say I miss CitizenSugar. Vibrator ads and Hillary Clinton do not belong on the same page. Nor do Obama and "macho traits." I felt comfortable reading CitizenSugar on my lunch break at work. I don't feel comfortable reading TresSugar there at all. End result? I go elsewhere.
wednesday816 wednesday816 8 years
Who cares it's just citizen sugar! It's not like imma miss it!
stephie25 stephie25 8 years
This sucks. Plain and simple. Why would you mix the three together? If it's cost cutting, wouldn't it make more sense to do more behind the scenes cost cutting and keep up the three pages with their specific types of advertising? Wouldn't that make more sense than alienating 3 sets of very different readers? I don't want to read more than half these posts!
karen-zoo karen-zoo 8 years
How strange ....... politics and girl talk? Ok then
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