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Lorena Bobbitt to Oprah: Why I Threw It Out the Window

The "it" I'm referring to, of course, is Lorena's husband's penis she had just cut off.

It was 1993, and the nation was morbidly curious and nervous-laughing about a story that seemed too crazy to be true. Beautician Lorena Bobbitt, suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) after years of enduring spousal abuse, a forced abortion, and infidelities from her husband John Wayne Bobbitt, snapped one night after he came home drunk and, according to her, raped her.

She went into the kitchen, saw a gleaming knife, and cut part of John's penis off. She then got into a car (holding the severed penis) but threw it out the window while she drove. She recently appeared on Oprah and explained why she did it. Curious about the aftermath for all parties involved? Then watch the clip when you


Lorena, as she told the jurors during her trial, realized after her action that she'd done something horrific and stopped the car and called 911. After searching for hours in a field, paramedics found the severed penis, and it was eventually reattached.

Although John Wayne Bobbitt was acquitted in a later trial of charges of spousal rape, jurors believed that Lorena had indeed snapped after years of abuse and found her innocent by reason of insanity.

Lorena has since remarried, had a child, and started an organization to help educate and stop domestic abuse. John's post-severed penis life was a little more chaotic. He was charged numerous times afterward with domestic violence against girlfriends and wives (wow, some dudes never learn!), formed a band called "The Severed Parts," starred in a couple porno flicks — "John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut" and "Frankenpenis" — and was even briefly a minister in a Vegas church.

— Additional reporting by Barbara Herman

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