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Losing Virginity Stories

How Did You Lose Your Virginity?

When it comes to losing our virginity, men and women are not that different. Whether one waits emphatically, completes it like homework, or revels in its loss has little to do with gender.

Instead it depends on which of the following three categories — outlined in Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of our First Sexual Experiences — you fall into. "Gifters" hold virginity up on a pedestal, believing it's something precious to be saved, and the "stigmatized" see it as a burden, something that's to be crossed off life's checklist. "Processors" probably have the healthiest attitude: they see first-time sex as something to be experienced — one of many experiences to come.

Writer Kate Monro has been documenting virginity-lost stories for nearly a year on her site The Virginity Project. From the mundane to the unbelievable, she collects every story she hears.

Ready to tell yours? We've asked where you lost your virginity and who you lost it to, but never for the full story. Remember you can you always sign out and post it anonymously below!

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