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Seventeen years ago, Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz-Perez fell in love and were engaged in their 20s. After being together for a year in England, where Carmen was a foreign student, their relationship waned and Carmen returned to France.

A few years later, Steve wrote to her hoping they could get back together. Unfortunately, her mother put the letter on the mantelpiece and it slipped behind the fireplace — where it stayed for the next 10 years. During a renovation, the unopened letter was found and Carmen finally read the lines: “'I hope you are well. I was just writing to ask if you ever married and if you ever still thought of me?”

After getting the courage to call him up, still-single Carmen met up with Steve in Paris. It was love (again) at first sight. They married soon after, after 17 years of meeting one another. “I never got married,” said Carmen, “and now I'm marrying the man I have always loved.”

Although Steve’s letter wasn’t exactly a Shakespearean sonnet, his romanticism did the trick, even after ten years. Have you ever received a beautiful love letter?

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