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Love Is Not Blind

It's easy to lose yourself in the early stages of love, but a new study says we don't actually lose our minds.

Oxytocin, the love hormone, makes people more trusting of others, but it doesn't make us trust people we otherwise wouldn't. To determine this, men played a trust game. Some men inhaled a trust-enhancing oxytocin spray, and they proved more trusting of strangers than men who smelled placebos; however, when there was a reason to doubt others, like hearing a stranger had history of violent crime, both groups exhibited similar levels of trust.

Researchers concluded the love hormone won't delude us into foolishness. Yet suitors with a dubious history — say a past of violent crime? — don't exactly broadcast it on first dates. And while I don't have an hormone-sniffing study to prove it, I'd say it's hard to break trust once it mixes with lust.

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