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This or That: Love or Sex?

After a dry spell, you finally get back out on the dating scene again. You meet some okay guys, but they’re all pretty bland. What you really crave is excitement and some serious passion and then one day, you meet him. He makes you smile, and you really feel like you can be yourself around him. But as you get to know each other and the relationship unfolds, you discover one big bummer. Would it be worse if . . .

This: You’ve fallen in love with him, but the sex is just blah? You’ve never felt this way about anyone before, but you can think of a handful of people you’ve had more passion with.

Or . . .

That: The sex is absolutely stellar, but the rest of the time he feels more like an old friend? You’ve never been so sexually satisfied, but when you’re out of bed, you’re already losing interest.

Which would be worse?


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