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Love and Sex Superpowers

Relationship of Steel: 10 Love and Sex Superpowers

Summer is the season of superhero movies, and this Friday Superman himself returns to the big screen in the latest adaption starring Henry Cavill: Man of Steel. But saving the planet from villains is overrated; the superpowers that would really be useful would help a gal navigate the tricky dating and relationship world. We asked around to find out which superpowers would make your love life a force to be reckoned with, and lassoed up the creative ideas. Check out our 10 most-wanted love and sex superpowers:

  • Issue Detector: The ability to see a guy's issues written on his forehead. Oh, I see you have mom issues — pass.
  • Selective Telepathy: Reading a guy's mind at will — wouldn't it be nice to know what's going on in there once in a while? But I'm sure it could get boring if it was 24/7.
  • Eternal Love Magic: You'd never get bored if the honeymoon phase of your relationship lasted forever!
  • BS Detector: This could save you from going on that second date with a guy dishing out the lies. So "real estate broker" is your way of describing "unemployed"?
  • Killer Looks: Dealing with a jerk? Use your dangerously good looks to blast him out of your life. Pow!
  • Relationship Hindsight Vision: If you saw into the future of your relationship before it began, you could move on before getting attached.
  • Language Decoder: Sometimes men can be of little words. This would help you decipher what he means!
  • Sexy Skills: Lovemaking that's a 10 out of 10 all the time sounds like a great superpower! It'd probably give you super strength as well.
  • Breakup Force Shield: This force shield would block you from the hurt, anger, and sadness of a bad breakup, reflecting the pain onto your ex. Kabam!
  • Magnetic Attraction: Having trouble getting a date? Use this power to attract potential suitors.

Any more to add?

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