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Low-Budget Oliver Jewellery Commercial

Isn't the "Cashman" a Little Too Old for This?

This ad starts out as any low-budget pawn shop commercial would: some overly energetic douche stands too close to the camera while begging to buy your junk from you. But William Oliver, the self-titled "Cashman," doesn't settle for run-of-the-mill. He knows how to differentiate himself from the rest — by way of a sleazy jingle and a few scantily-clad backup dancers. Novel, no?

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Jennipoo Jennipoo 9 years
oh man. He's in Toronto. he's such a douche. my friend went to him to see if he was legit-- he gave her a quote on a diamond necklace she had (which she already knew the value of) and he tried to rip her off-- of course, that's not surprising. Oliver-- he's been around forever.
Lucky23 Lucky23 9 years
PS Here it is and another one
Lucky23 Lucky23 9 years
lauriegilbert this one is SOOOOO much worse than the superman one! Every night i cringe and throw up in my mouth a little when I see this on TV.
gigglegirl gigglegirl 9 years
Hmmm...lauriegilbert, I think we'll have to look for that one!
lauriegilbert lauriegilbert 9 years
I've grown up watching these awful ads, and as bad as this one is it still doesn't beat him running around town in tights pretending to be Superman. That one is nightmare worthy.
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