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Lucy's Luxuries - The Latest In Designer Dog Carriers

Lucy's Luxuries - The Latest In Designer Dog Carriers

Dear Sugar
Dog carriers are all the rage these days. I am looking for a fashionable, fun pet carrier that can hold my 10 lb Yorkie and double as my handbag. Is there anything like this out there? If I am going to spend the money on a leather bag, I'd like to find something a little bit more unique than Mischa and Jessica's (pic #2) Louis Vuitton. Pet Friendly and Fashionable

Dear Pet Friendly and Fashionable
Lucy's Luxuries is a collection of high fashion dog carriers. Their collection is titled 'Anonymous' for that very reason. They are meant to look as stylish as your everyday Italian leather handbag, as well as double as a dog carrier (even pup needs a little privacy from the paparazzi)! The unique quality of these bags lies in the additional side zippered pocket. Other dog carriers fall short of having that extra compartment for your personal belongings which is separate from your dog's space.

The carriers are definitely on the high end of the spectrum. Prices range from $850-$1,200 and they come in 4 different styles and sizes:

  • The Lucy is a terrific bag for travel. It is the largest of the 4 and is meant for dogs up to 12 lbs. It has a drawstring front pocket and a back pocket in addition to the side zippered pocket.
  • The Mollie was designed for teacup sized dogs; holding up to 4 lb pooches. It can double as a day or evening bag - and comes with an attachable shoulder strap.
  • The Madison can really fit anybody's style. It's the most classic and elegant looking of the bags and it holds medium sized small dogs up to 7 lbs. The Madison has both front and back additional outside pockets (great for your cell phone and/or plane tickets).
  • The Hobbs carrier was designed with the male demographic in mind. It can also hold up to 12 lbs and can double as a briefcase, computer bag or gym bag.

Caring for your Lucy Luxuries bag is simple and easy. The inside lining of each of the bags can be wiped clean and the bottom cushion cover is both removable and machine washable. All of the carriers have matching leashes and harnesses, and all 4 sizes meet (most) airplane regulations for carry-on luggage. Jamie Broder, the CEO and designer has really outdone herself. What more could a jet setting guy or gal traveling with a puppy pal hope for? Woof Woof!

DivaBunny DivaBunny 10 years
Hi! I have bookmarked a dog carrier that holds up to 12lbs and is stylish and only $180. Not sure if I can post it here, but if you cant see it take a look at my bookmarks. Its the Charlie Bag by Kwigy Bo. It should be easy to find! I actually have this bag in black for Tino and he does really well in it! Good luck!
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