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MTV Married Young

Would You Watch MTV's Married Young?

MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom attract tons of viewers, as well as criticism that they glorify teen pregnancy. For its next young-people-growing-up-fast docuseries, MTV is leaving the babies out. Starting after the honeymoon, Married Young will follow young couples in their first year of marriage.

If this all sounds familiar, that's because the network ran the series Engaged & Underage a few years ago. One woman married on that show commented on Married Young's Facebook page letting everyone know she's still married two years later, although she hasn't spoken to her mother since.

According to MTV, you're married "young" if you tie the knot before 26, which doesn't seem all that young to me. But considering more Americans are delaying marriage, this could be an insightful take on the pros and cons of participating in the institution of marriage at an earlier age. It could also delve into typical reality drama and mundane bickering. Would you tune in?

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KeLynns KeLynns 6 years
Under 26? I don't necessarily consider that young. I know plenty of people who got married in their early 20s. I think that's pretty normal? Anyway, that's why I wouldn't watch the show. I don't think I buy the whole premise. I was surprised when Engaged & Underaged included people who were in their 20s. What? That's not unusual enough to really fit in the sensational-type show IMO.
stephie87 stephie87 6 years
I'm excited i am getting married in July and i am 25 i don't think that getting married is bad at all if you are ready. Everyone wants to make a big deal out of young people have children and getting married young but its nothing new, Yes everyone is not ready for children early or even getting married early but you shouldn't judge someone based on what you feel i had my 1st child at 17 and it was hard but i graduated and i have had three more children i am a great mom and i am going to be marrying the man of my dreams, Life is not perfect and everyone has to live and learn on there own.
JJJSisters JJJSisters 6 years
Yeah, since when did MUSIC television become so non-music based. But, yeah, I don't think getting married at 26 is "young" but I would say all the marriages at 18-22 before you graduate college and all that is a bit concerning. Especially those marriages that occur just because of pregnancy...ridiculous. And yeah, it's all about maturity, I mean I know someone who got married at 17 and still married in her fifties, but I think MOST people aren't ready to do that and should finish college and explore other options before settling down. Also, I don't think first love is necessarily true love.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
I would watch MTV if they played music videos. I'm tired of all the reality shows. I don't need to watch this particular show, because I've seen it first hand with my family and friends.
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