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MTV News: Top 5 Cultural Milestones for Class '09

MTV News came up with what it considers the top five cultural milestones for the last graduating class of the decade.
Here's what they came up with:
5. Gay marriage
4. Twitter
3. Twilight
2. Lady Gaga
1. President Obama

Here's how one irate recent graduate responded to the list:

Just omit the middle three and pretend like nothing happened. Just, go five to one. I'm PART of this generation and I am amazed at the choices. But maybe it's because I graduated a whole entire year ahead of them that I realized how stupid my generation is. I mean, I do not even think we would notice if the list went from five to one. We'd just clap our hands and move on to the next shiny, unimportant thing, all the while ignorant to anything beside auto-tuning and Robert Pattinson.

Whether you've just graduated or are old enough to be the parent of an '09 graduate, what do you think about MTV's list and/or this commenter's assessment of the so-called Millennials or Generation Y?

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