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Mad Men Date Ideas

5 Mad Men-Inspired Date Night Ideas

We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, YourTango. Live on the wild side for a night with these Don Draper-esque date ideas.

OK, so we all know the web loves Mad Men actor Jon Hamm's penis a little too much. It's farcically large, and I, for one, am sick of hearing about it. But apparently people are still watching the actual show, too! Season six opened to 3.4 million viewers last month, and many fans have strong opinions about the long-running series, a few of them disappointed with aspects of the new season. During a Mad Men panel event at the Paley Center For Media in Manhattan on Tuesday night, show creator Matthew Weiner even told fans to just "sit back and enjoy where we're going."

Some of the gripes Weiner said fans have are "there's not enough agency advertising. There's too much advertising. There's not enough Betty. There's too much Betty. Who is Megan? Why isn't there more Megan?" Basically, people need to simmer down and just watch the show.


You can't please everyone, but one thing we can agree on is that we're collectively fascinated with the vices of that era: drinking in the office, smoking like a chimney, and illicit affairs. And the clothes are just so tailored and stylish — I personally liked the early '60s styles more, but we can all agree that Joan Holloway is still rocking it.

It's fun to live vicariously through these characters, so people do things like dress up and go to Mad Men-viewing parties — I've been invited to more than one. And maybe even go on Mad Men-inspired dates. So if you're a fan of the show, here are a few Don Draper-esque date night ideas. Go have a ball.

Dress Up With Nowhere to Go
Have you noticed how often we see the characters lounging about at home, smoking endless cigarettes and drinking endless martinis? When was the last time you dressed up just to sit around the house? Leave sweatpants territory behind and put on a bright 1960s-inspired dress, then invite your guy over for cocktails. Tell him no t-shirts or sneakers allowed!

Venture to a Dimly Lit Hotel Bar
Don Draper just adores hanging out in out-of-the-way cocktail dens. Why not take your guy on a sexy adventure to one, whether it's a trendy hotel bar or an underground speakeasy? He'll have a scotch on the rocks, and you'll have the finest artisanal cocktail their mixologist makes.

For three more ideas, head to YourTango: Five Mad Men-Inspired Date Night Ideas.

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