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Mad Men Season 4 Set in 1965

9 Things to Watch For in 1965 on Mad Men

Well, 1964 came and went in the first three episodes of Mad Men and last week the show rang in 1965.

So what real-life events will set the scene now that the '60s are in full swing?

  • Malcolm X is assassinated in Manhattan on Feb. 21.
  • The Sound of Music premieres on Broadway in March.
  • Alabama state troopers clash with over 500 civil rights workers on — what's later dubbed — Bloody Sunday. It's the catalyst for the passing of the Voting Rights Act two months later.
  • The first American combat troops ship out to Vietnam in March.
  • Russia sends the first man out for a walk in space in March while the US follows in June.
  • Vietnam protests begin in April when 25,000 people march through Washington DC, and the first draft-card burnings take place in Berkeley, CA the next month.

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  • Cigarette advertising is banned on British television. Uh-oh, Lucky Strike!
  • The Beatles perform the first stadium concert ever at Shea Stadium in New York.
  • Fidel Castro announces Cubans can emigrate to the United States, and the two countries formally agree to airlift Cubans to the US. By 1971, 250,000 Cubans immigrate through the program.

Image Source: AMC
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