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Maggie Gyllenhaal on Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Gets Awkward Talking Vibrators With Maggie Gyllenhaal

Last night, Maggie Gyllenhaal went on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to talk about her latest project, Hysteria, a movie about the invention of the vibrator. Maggie isn't ashamed to talk openly about vibrators, female sexuality, and orgasms — and neither is the film's director, Tanya Wexler, who we interviewed last month — but Jon Stewart isn't quite as cool and collected. Jon clearly gets more awkward as the interview goes on, which is pretty funny to watch, but he does throw in a good point about this "period piece" hitting a little close to home during this election season's war on women. In reference to the actual history of doctors in Victorian England treating women with hysteria (a catchall diagnosis for unhappy women of the time) by giving them orgasms, Jon said, "That was a time when men made the decisions about women's health care without having the knowledge or the emotional ability to understand." Watch Jon get squirmy discussing vibrators now!

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