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Maid Of Honor Hair

Dear Sugar
I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding at the end of the summer. I just went for my hair trial and ran over to show the bride, but she vetoed the style that I was so excited about. She said "it will look too similar to her's".

Help! I just wanted it to be up off of my face and neck since it's summer and will most likely be very hot. Now I don't know what to do! Can you send me some pictures for ideas? Melting Maid Of Honor

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Dear Melting Maid Of Honor
Here are some great hair ideas for you. I am sorry that you can't wear your hair up in the summer...Just remember that it's her day and try your best to suffer through the summertime heat with a smile. One thing's for sure...with hair like this, you are going to look hotter than the temperature outside!

JoJo's has a pretty one side half up style going. I really like the soft waves touch too. This would be great for you because by not keeping your hair stick straight, you can help combat frizz.

Lee Ann Womack looks pretty with her hair half-half down and side swept bangs. This probably looks the most natural out of any of these styles. The key to this look is to tease your hair at the crown to give the top a little bit of lift. Fasten it with a pretty rhinestone barette likeJessica Simpson's Wedding Hair did, or even a pretty flower from your bouquet.

I just had to throw in Tori Spelling's hair as a what NOT to do. Don't ever wear your hair all pulled to one side like this. It's so out and severe looking. What is she thinking sometimes?

Scarlett Johansson has done it right once again. She looks coiffed, polished and beautiful. It's off of her face - and although it's still on her neck, you should be fine wearing your hair like this for the event. I love the height at the crown and bang area and the slight flip/wave at the bottom. This looks A-list classy.

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