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Dear Sugar
I'm a senior in high school and I met a really hot girl from another school last week. See my issue is that I don't really know if I'm a good looking guy... I'm certainly not bad looking, but I don't know if I'm necessarily what girls consider a babe. I have lots of good looking friends who are girls, but I don't really get much play. Part of it is because I just don't have anyone I want to hook up with, the second part is because I don't feel anyone really wants to hook up with me. I guess you could say I'm timid, and I won't make a move unless I'm 100% sure that she's into me. So this girl I met out the other night was saying something about how we would make out eventually. She ended up leaving the bar early (curfew) but I IMed her the next day and we had a good conversation. For the next 5 days I played the waiting game... I didn't IM her because I was hoping she would IM me, but nothing happened. Finally, on Saturday night I IMed her, and we had another good conversation. Before I went out, I left my cell # and told her to call/text if she wanted to do something. Sure enough I get a text around 11:00 asking me what I'm doing. After a series of texts she told me to meet her at a bar. Do you think I have a chance with this girl, or is it just another uncomfortable friend situation? Beverly Hills Boy

Dear BBB
2 things you are missing are; confidence and game. Stop questioning yourself and go for it. Yes, she's into you! The signs are all there. She's IMing you, she's texting you to meet her out and she's telling you she would make out with you. She is waiting for you to make your move. Dude - don't wait too long or she'll think you're lame and she'll lose interest. Get her while the gettin' good. As far as landing future play you don't need to be really hot to meet great girls. You can be so - so and be funny, smart and make her feel good about herself when she's around you. Something else you should know, is that girls like to be pursued. If you're not feeling your hair that night, or you are down about a zit and think you've looked better - try approaching her by making her laugh. Talk to her, and if it's your style - be witty and self deprecating. Then ask her to dance when a song comes on that you like. The bottom line is just have fun and be yourself. Your inner beauty will come out and that's what really matters most, right!

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