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Male Brazilians Create Some Hairy Situations

Male Brazilians Create Some Hairy Situations

"At first it was the gays, then the straights, for the chest and the back," a wax technician tells Salon. "But now, many straight men come to me for the full Brazilian." Then it gets creepy. "Guys think that since they're naked, you're gonna give them head," another technician confessed.

The male Brazilian, when a man waxes his highly sensitive nether region, has become a bit of a rare luxury these days, perhaps because of the recession. But for the technicians who perform the hair removal ritual (and they're almost always women), the men who do come can put them in sticky situations. One man "got really aggressive," explained another worker, "and kept insisting that I perform certain favors on him." So she "tazed him in the thigh. He fell right off the table." When the men aren't sexually harassing their waxers, they might be requesting random shapes like a whale or the words "Campbell Soup."

Do you think hairless men are worth all this trouble?

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