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Male Menopause

Moody in Middle Age: What's Men's Excuse?

Women have menopause to blame for being hot, distracted, and overly emotional in middle age, but how much of it is estrogen's exit and how much is just the brain aging?

It's menopause for the most part — the rest, the worst of it, comes in old age — but now men may have their own change of life to scapegoat. Researchers found low testosterone levels in middle-age men complaining of sexual dysfunction, weight gain, fatigue, depression, and unpleasant symptoms, but that already has a name and it's late-onset hypogonadism.

Coining it "male menopause" would certainly get attention and products and probably men their very own prescription pills, but let's allow doctors to debate linguistics. We'll discuss what this is really about: should men have the same out as women?

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dvdsky81 dvdsky81 6 years
I dont see why not. Aging does alot to a person regardless of their gender. I would actually find it HARD to belive that men do not go through some sort of mental and hormonal changes as they age. Women have alot more different set of circumstances than men and it may be a bit more intense due to the insane amount and strength of the things we go through in life-menstrual cycles for years, hormonal imbalances through said cycles, for some-our ability for pregnancy and childbirth...out bodies have alot more going on or at least have the ability for alot more going on inside than men so we're obviously going to have some sort of physical, bodily "freak out" when aging kicks in and I imagine it would be a bit more intense but men also go though quite a bit-not childbearing or menstrual cycles, but they do have hormonal changes throughout their lives. I can totally see a close equivelent happening to them. The assumptions of women's physical problems being more valid than a man's really gets to me. Our bodies are totally different so we experience different things, but we're all the same "brand" of human-things are going to happen to all of us regardless of gender. One is not more valid than the's the same but different-if this makes any sense at I know what Im trying to say, I just suck at saying And it's turning into rambling so Im going to stop now ;)
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
^^ That's so funny, I was thinking about this same thing once when my brother was talking about how the last couple of days he had been madly craving brownies. I thought, "Well, geez, maybe men really do have something going on that isn't acknowledged in the mainstream..."
Studio16 Studio16 6 years
I've never heard of male menopause. I have, however, heard of male menstrual cycles. No, it does not involve bleeding, but it does involve the hormonal changes. For instance: For a few days a month, I'm really horny. Then I'm not horny, but I'm bitchy. Then I'm not bitchy, I'm really maternal. My friend (who's gay, so idk if this applies to straight guys?) claims he goes through this as well. For a week or so out of a month, he's really psychotically emotional. Then the next week, he's really obnoxiously rude to about 75% of the general population. The week after that he spends most of the day making arrangements for that night (ie, booty calls, only he's making these via Facebook during his lunch break). Etc. So yes, I think men do have the same hormonal changes as women even if they have different hormones.
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