Let them eat (wedding) cake! If the last queen of France were to get married in modern day, this beautifully styled wedding would be just her style. Set on the Humphreys Estate, a private storybook property in the foothills of Temecula, CA, a bohemian queen shoot came to life. Inspired by Marie Antoinette and flower child vibes, the session featured rose quartz that complimented the macarons perfectly, as well as mixed metals in the tablescape, cake, and props to give the setting more flair.

The talented design teams behind this concept meshed both Victorian and boho aesthetics with floor pillows, Moroccan poufs, vintage mirror trays, soft floral centerpieces, and more. More modern elements were also included such as quotes from Ellie Goulding and instant film table cards. And of course, the bridal style paid homage to the queen herself, big curls and all.

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