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Marie Stopes Abortion Ad Airs in UK

The UK's Much-Anticipated Abortion Ad Never Says "Abortion"

If I didn't know this commercial was for Marie Stopes, the reproductive health and abortion clinic, then I would assume it was for a pro-life organization trying to lure unsuspecting women into so-called options counseling only to vilify abortion. What is supposed to be a "clear, nonjudgmental" ad is vague and gratuitously emotional.

Watching distraught-looking women with a lamenting background piano and text saying, "Jenny Evans is late" may be nonjudgmental, but it is neither clear nor informative. Maybe the word "abortion" is as taboo as "tampon" is in the US, but in March, when the UK loosened its advertising laws, the BBC said advertisements for abortion providers would have to be clear that abortions were part of their repertoires. And at Marie Stopes they most definitely are.

Should Marie Stopes get the benefit of the doubt? Maybe the ad's vagueness is to ensure the commercial aired? Or, is the ad so vague it's useless?

cchica121 cchica121 7 years
Isn't Marie Stopes about informing women of all their options in an unwanted pregnancy? If so the commercial did it's job, not all women are going to choose abortion, so contacting the organization and finding out all the options is the message the commercial gets across.
nancita nancita 7 years
Well, it's definitely vague, but since it's pointing viewers to a helpful resource, maybe it will be enough to resonate with the people who need to find Marie Stopes.
totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
There is no doubt that the word "abortion" is a taboo everywhere. I personally think that this was a well-done ad, if the purpose is to promote an organization that helps women and informs women about their choices then I don't think they are doing anything they are behaving unethically. However, if this particular organization only focuses on abortion, then they should be more specific because it does miss lead the public.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
I know that viewing this from the States, a lot of the social context is lost. But c'mon....we ALL know what being 'late' means. If America can put up with using tampon ads making period blood look blue, I'm sure using euphemisms and 'sensitive language' for abortion can't be THAT over-your-head. Also, I can imagine making the idea of abortion 'accesible' to the average consumer is daunting, so a rather morose feeling in the ad seems....well, expected. So, in the end...what's the big deal? If you think it's 'vague', then be a responsible consumer of services and EDUCATE yourself.
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