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Russia announced yesterday that it plans to sell military equipment to Iran. If you're dying to know what Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to say about the deal, he'd probably be willing to discuss it with John McCain and Barack Obama.

Ahmadinejad has invited the presidential candidates to debate him on the world stage. Specifically, the Iranian leader would like to chat about global developments at the UN headquarters in New York with John McCain and Barack Obama. And even though he's making the visit to New York for opening session, still thinks that the UN should move its headquarters from the US, to an impartial host country.

At least one person on the tickets will forcefully say "thanks, but no thanks" to Ahmadinejad. Sarah Palin plans on having meetings at the UN next week, and she was set to join an anti-Iran rally outside the UN, until her invitation was taken back.

Even though it's not happening, do you think a televised debate with Iran's president would have any positive results?


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