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Who Do You Love (Secretly)?

It's normal to have a crush, whether it's on a celebrity or a commoner. But how many people would say they're in love with someone other than their partners? One in five. talked to 3,000 adults, a sizable sample by most study's standards, who were married or cohabitating. And 20 percent confessed to loving another, despite being in a "loving relationship." We should all expect to encounter this 20 percent at some point, says a OnePoll spokesperson, either because we're in love with someone else or our partners are. It's not enough to expect crushes won't escalate, so we should be prepared. How? That's another study.

What crushes turned to love for you?

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weffie weffie 7 years
Mostly I love Billy Corgan :) but I also love pigeons and slurpees, I don't think my boyfriend considers any of them a threat. It's weird how people think the word "love" implies something sacred you can only give to one person. Nonsense! You're probably thinking of "marriage." Love is for sharing and it should be given away freely to anyone who deserves it (and everyone deserves it). Love isn't a synonym for domestic partnership, even if you put the word "in" before it. I really don't think love is meant to be limited to your husband (he gets enough exclusives!), it's meant to be an exchange of compassion, positivity, and/or hope among EVERYONE in our worldly family.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
When I'm in a relationship, I love myself! And I don't make a secret of it, either!
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
I don't really pay attention to men in that way, either. Of couse I can see that a guy is good looking, but it doesn't spark any feelings...I have my man who I love and am attracted, too...good enough for me. Funny thing is I used to have a crush on someone when I was in a relationship, that crush turned into love and we are now happily engaged and parents to a wonderful daughter (we didn't cheat, we were good!)
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 7 years
Chrstne, I am with you. When I am in a relationship, I am not paying attention to other men in any romantic sense, period. Of course, I can appreciate a handsome man, as I can appreciate a beautiful woman. But I am in no ways interested, and certainly not in love, with anyone other than my man.
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
O often have crushes on others but not love in the way I understand it.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 7 years
my best male friend
spanishgirl69 spanishgirl69 7 years
i have lusted for another guy but to say i Loved another man other than my fiancee is too deep
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Why is that so odd? If you're someone who 'loves' your family, or 'loves' your pets, or 'loves' your is it so unrealistic to 'love' another person romantically at the same time as another? You probably 'loved' more than one person throughout your dating careers as it were; it's not impossible, but people peceive you as 'bad' if you do, so you don't. I'm sure if people had the social freedom, this wouldn't be so weird. But humans are generally selfish and jealous when it concerns their lair mates, so meh. I'm actually surprised the number isn't bigger.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I'm weird, in that I am 100% not attracted to a single person I see (other than my SO, of course). But then again, I've always been that way. I don't give people a second glance, and I certainly don't give myself any time to go "wow, that guy is hot"or whatever. It just never happens for me. If I have the inability to find anyone attractive that I don't know, and I am not actively pursuing, I certainly don't have the capability to love two people at once. While I make an exception for those practicing polyamory, I do not think that two people in monogamous relationship, and claim to be in love with each other can also be in love with others at the same time. To me, if you claim to love someone else while in a committed relationship, you either don't understand the difference between lust and love, or you have somehow checked out of your relationship.
mrsld mrsld 7 years
1 in 5. Wow! I think I know why the divorce rate is so high.
nikkisoda nikkisoda 7 years
I agree with spacekatgal. I think it is foolish to think that we will never be attracted to anyone but the one we are with. But loving someone else is a little much. I am sure people do, but I do not see how you could fall in love with someone unless you are spending a lot of quality time with them. And if you are spending a lot of time with this person you are most likely walking on that very thin line of cheating. I should say that by "quality time" I am not talking about times where you have to be with this person, (work, etc) I mean setting separate time to spend with just this person.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
one guy in highschool (a very good friend) I think went from crush to love but nothing ever happened no one now though except for my main squeeze!
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