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Massachusetts Choose Life License Plates

Massachusetts Drivers Can Now Choose Life and a License Plate

Joining Virginia and over 20 other states, Massachusetts drivers will now be able to buy pro-life license plates.

Except for administration costs, its proceeds will go not to the state of Massachusetts, but to crisis pregnancy centers that essentially do everything possible — coercing women to have and view ultrasounds or just flat-out lie — to ensure women "choose" life.

While it may sound surprising that the bluest of blue states would allow this, Massachusetts has nothing to do with the decision. It's all the work of one woman. Merry Nordeen has been working, and praying, for seven years to make the plate a reality. All it took was a $100,000 bond posted to protect the state from financial loss (returned if 3,000 plates sell in the first two years), and applications and fees from at least 1,500 drivers.


Considering any charitable organization can do this, now we know how some of these weird license plates came about. Check out some of the strangest below.

Terror Begins on the Road

We Believe You

Because He Looks Good on Anything

Get Political

Sunshine State Indeed!

Because You're Not Embarrassed

Meet Other Like-Minded POWs

Spay and Neuter?

Disassociate Yourself

State Pride

Congratulate Yourself

Killed in Action and Driving? OK!

Set Boundaries

Never Get Carjacked

Make the Streets Sleepy

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