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Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown Wants Kennedy's Spot, Once Posed Nude in Cosmo Magazine

Would a Female Politician Get Away With This?

On Saturday, Republican State Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts announced his candidacy for the US Senate, desiring to fill in the spot left open by Senator Edward Kennedy's passing. He is branding himself as a fiscal conservative and Washington outsider.

But as political blog Wonkette uncovered in 2007, Senator Brown had a nude centerfold spread in a 1982 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine when he was 22. In law school at Boston College when he bared all, Brown said he'd take his "America's Sexiest Man" prize money — a whopping $1,000 — and put it toward tuition.

Not many people are in an uproar around this, but I doubt if a female politician had posed nude when she was in her early twenties that she'd make it past the day she announced her candidacy. A Newsweek blogger thinks no one cares about Brown's past "because he's a dude." I guess the anti-gay marriage candidate should feel lucky these pics weren't in Playgirl!


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