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Matchmaker Has Daughter's Life All Mapped Out

High-profile matchmaker Janis Spindel commands 50,000 to 500,000 for her services, but it sounds like her most important client is her 24-year-old daughter. Carly Spindel, who Janis calls "the new Carrie Bradshaw" as if we don't have enough, chronicles her dating life on Carly's Dating Chronicle. So the Wall Street Journal couldn't help but ask Janis if Carly found the perfect match yet. To which mom said this:

"She's definitely dating a bunch of guys, but she's too young. She's not going to get married until 28, and she'll have her first kid at 30 or 32, the second one at 35. I've got it all planned."

Is it any wonder that her daughter has turned dating into her life's work? It's either that or never marry out of misplaced revenge. All moms want things for their daughters, and I'm sure lots have would-be-nice plans — they're just not this fleshed out. Hopefully.

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luv2blazy luv2blazy 7 years
I got married at 24, then 2 years later got divorced. I was way to young to get married. I got remarried at 28 and had a baby at 30. I wish I would have waited a few more years to have a baby. Though we are close, I wish we had more time together before the baby came. Though I would not trade her for anything. I have always heard about these 'deadlines' 28,30, etc. I think age is just a number. Do things when you are ready, not because it is a major birthday. And don't just think you should marry someone because 'oh, I'm 28 I guess I should get married now" I'm sure she is a smart girl and she can think for herself. Have fun and date Carly!
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
People should get married when they feel ready to get married. I'm 23, and while I feel "ready" to marry, I am still very scared by the idea. Also, the fact that my BF is a bit younger contributes to my fears a bit. I think that 26-28 is a better timeline for me. The fact that I have a career and graduate school to worry about does not influence my decision to marry at all. I'll do what I want when I want to, pretty much. When I am ready, I will marry. Heck, if I'm 24 and I know I'm ready, I'll definitely do it. Anyway, she's a little nuts. To me, she is making what seem to be fairly concrete statements about the future. She is just rattling off what sounds good and right to her. I think she should keep her mouth shut -- it may put unnecessary pressure on her daughter, plus, a potential MIL like that would scare quite a few guys away.
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 7 years
If your only qualification for a job - any job - is who your parent is, then that's nepotism of the worst kind - and that's what appears to have happened with her blog. The posts I read were self absorbed and frankly, boring (not to mention poorly written). Perhaps Janis Spindel would have better served her daughter's interests by letting her plan her own life instead of still programming it like an elementary school student's summer break.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Yikes to the mom. And to Florida: I don't understand what "career" or "education" have to do with getting married at a certain age. I got married while I was IN law school (summer after the first year). I was pretty young (23) but I continued to go to school, finish my JD, pass the bar, and get a job. It's not like marriage = stay at home.
Sundown321 Sundown321 7 years
That's a very bold statement by her mom! Hahaha What guy wouldn't want a mom THAT involved in her daughter's life? I agree with nancita, it's one thing to think it, it's another to say it, and completely another thing to say it to the press!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I am so glad my parents have never even attempted to meddle or prod in my dating life. I'd go nuts if I had a mom or dad like that.
dexaholic dexaholic 7 years
The only similarities I can see between Carly and Carrie is that they are both single and living in New York and both their names start with C. I find her blog very boring and poorly written.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
Florida, people may not be ready to get married at 24 (or 20 or 30 or 40 or whatever) for a variety of legitimate reasons not just "education or career". I was not ready to get married at 24 because I still wanted to go out and date and have fun. I have other friends who were ready to be married by 22 because they have different personalities than me. I got married at 27, and I am glad I had several years in my 20's to do my own thing before I settled down. I wouldn't judge anyone for getting married at a different time than me, but it wouldn't have worked for me to get married younger than I did.
Florida-Snow Florida-Snow 7 years
Yuck! Would never want someone else controlling my life. And what does it say to 'not be ready' for marriage at 24? I got married at 23! I guess if you're education or career focused that's fine, but I cringe at the thought of my mother planning every bit of my life.
Gawjuslayd Gawjuslayd 7 years
My boyfriend dated a girl that was like that. He felt so pressured in the relationship that he lost complete interest in her and broke it off.
nancita nancita 7 years
Even if moms have such a vision for their daughters' lives, probably better if they don't say it out loud.
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