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Who's Your Favorite Under-the-Radar Eye Candy?

One of my favorite shows is White Collar, and I'm so ecstatic for its season three premiere today thanks in large part to its uber-hot star Matthew Bomer. You may not have heard of this underrated USA series, but fellow fans know Bomer's good looks are drool-worthy, whether he's dressed to the nines on the show or sporting glasses and a hoodie off the set. While the usual suspects like Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Johnny Depp are all fine and dandy leading men, there are plenty of other fellas in the Hollywood sea. Take, for instance, Michael Fassbender, whom I recently discovered in the latest X-Men flick, and diamond-in-the-rough Bradley Cooper, who wowed us with his fluent French.

It's celeb crush show and tell! Who's your favorite handsome hidden gem? And what makes him sexy?

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Holly-olly Holly-olly 5 years
Joesph Gordon-Levitt! Although he's gained more attention since Inception, he stole my heart in 100 Days of Summer.
countchocula countchocula 5 years
Misha Collins and Chris Pine, pretty please.
ArmagonAuthor ArmagonAuthor 5 years
Jared Padalecki is my celebrity fantasy, for sure.
rachie116 rachie116 5 years
i dunno if he's under the radar but kyle chandler does it for me haha
Allie-Merriam Allie-Merriam 5 years
Fassbender (who won't be under the radar for long. . . I'm thinking Oscar for his Magneto, just putting that out there). Also, Michelle William's guy pal, hot director Cary Fukunaga! Love him.
Katie-Henry Katie-Henry 5 years
My heart belongs to Ben McKenzie, formerly the O.C.'s Ryan Atwood, currently starring in TNT's Southland. He knows how to work a uniform, oh yeah.
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
Fassbender, Max Irons, and oh, Andrew Garfield. Yeah. I have many.
Tara-Block Tara-Block 5 years
Haha Mandi it will have to be a fight to the death! And KaeOkay, that's too funny because I literally just watched the first episode of Sherlock a couple days ago, and I'm hooked! He's definitely attractive in a nontraditional way.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
Timothy Olyphant. No one can wear a cowboy hat like him. ::swooon::
Ciris Ciris 5 years
Mischa Collins, and David Lyons.
Matt Passmore from The Glades love that devilish smile. Also, Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii Five-O is just plain hot.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 5 years
Michael Fassbender and Cillian Murphy! Yummy.
karen7782 karen7782 5 years
Matthew Bomer, Wentworth Miller, Zachary Levi, and Henry Cavill.
KaeOkay KaeOkay 5 years
Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely my newest celebrity crush. Oh! Those cheekbones. I cannot help but love a tall, skinny man with a chiseled face. It doesn't hurt that he currently plays Sherlock Holmes, either.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 5 years
Oh God yes, Michael Fassbender is HOT. Magneto was a sexy beast!! haha. I agree on the Henry Cavill too! I saw him in Tudors. Swoon! I saw a preview for a TV series called The Glades yesterday with a guy named Matt Passmore... I thought he was hot too. Because he always has this look on his face as though he's mocking everyone. That's also why I think Sasha Grey is so sexy :P
Nuala Nuala 5 years
henry cavill!!!
elle619 elle619 5 years
Matthew Gray Gubler. He is so adorable in Criminal Minds and is the ultimate adorkable guy :)
Mandi-Villa Mandi-Villa 5 years
Oh T Sharp I know you are not trying to steal my man! Matthew Bomer a la Neal Caffrey is absolutely delicious!
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