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Mattifying Beauty Regimen For Oily Skin

Dear Sugar
I've been having trouble finding makeup and skincare products for my oily skin. I breakout often, and the large pores on my nose look clogged (little white spots in my pores that really stand out when I wear makeup). I also have rosacea so my cheeks always look like a big red tomato! I live in the south where the weather is hot and humid, so it seems like I can't go out in the sun for more than an hour without my skin freaking out and turning into an oil spill! What I find ironic though, is that despite having oily skin and exfoliating weekly, my skin looks flakey when I wear powder and foundation! Do you know of any skincare and makeup products that would help me look like the flawless beauty I really am? Greasy Gracie

Dear Greasy Gracie
Look for products with the word "mattifying" on them. Try Tarte's Little Blot Book that comes with both mattifying powder and little oil absorbent blotting sheets for touch ups throughout the day. There's also Revlon's Sheer Mattifying Powder which comes in multiple shades to match your skin or in a sheer, colorless shade that you can put over your make up all day long. If you want to try manage your oily skin, you've got to start right at the beginning of your beauty regimen. Step #1 - cleanse with a product made specifically for Oily Skin. Try Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub, it's excellent. Step #2 - astringents are a must. Biotherm's Biopur Astringent Matifying Fresh Lotion has been the leader in the combination and oily skin markets for the past 5 years. Lastly, (step #3) choose an oil free lotion like Estee Lauder's Clear Perfection. This product actually has its own strategy (thanks to Absorbex) to solve the problems of excess oil production in your skin. I also recommend, just using a powder foundation - something that comes as a loose powder so it will absorb the oil and still provide coverage. Using both a liquid foundation and powder will be too heavy. Less is more, but if you really really must, - try this one Lancaster-Matte Finish Mattifying Foundation.

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