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McCain 2.0: Asks Supporters to Post Talking Points on Blogs

Although John McCain admits being late to the whole computer game, his campaign is far from clueless about new media. The McCain camp has identified the comment section of blogs as a crucial campaign front, and just launched an effort to spread talking points on political blogs and news websites.

The campaign provides prewritten comments (on topics like the economy and partisanship), and all supporters have to do is copy and paste them into comment sections. McCain also provides a list of suggested blogs, breaking them into liberal, conservative, and moderate suggestions. Of course the campaign doesn't want supporters' efforts to go without thanks; those who report their work on McCain's website will be rewarded with "points" through the McCain Online Action Center.

While just kicking off his efforts to dominate the blogosphere, McCain already has YouTube covered. To see how,


McCain's YouTube channel has taken the lead in hits over his opponent Barack Obama. Before McCain rolled out the latest attention-grabbing ads, Obama consistently quadrupled McCain in number of views on YouTube.

The McCain campaign seems like it's figuring out how to get its message out, but I'm not sure it is worth resorting to negative ads or spamming comments sections. What do you think? Is the blog-comment program dishonest or brilliant?


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