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McCain Attends 50th Reunion and My Exclusive Age Research

John McCain is heading to the Naval Academy for his 50th class reunion this weekend. By that complicated math, you can figure it means he graduated in 1958. McCain will definitely be attending the football game this afternoon between Navy and Rutgers.

The pending reunion and longtime, er, awareness of McCain's age led me to conduct a highly scientific opinion poll of his relative fitness to serve among those who might best know: my grandpa's table mates at his retirement home. To see the pretty surprising results of this survey over soup,


Of the five senior citizens assembled, three men and two women, the youngest was 85 years old, the oldest was 91. When asked the question, "Is John McCain too old to be president?" the answer split evenly on gender lines. Both women said that yes, in their opinion 72 was too old to be starting a first term as president. Specifying the first term keeps Ronald Reagan in mind, presumably, who was 72 when campaigning for his second term.

The men saw it entirely differently. To them, 72 was just a "young man," and given his time as a POW, they felt he had more than proved his physical rigor, making his health not a concern. Keeping in mind the youngest man in the survey was McCain's age 13 years ago, does their experience with the age — and how they've felt since — provide a convincing argument?

While you consider that, for the record and in the interest of scientific transparency, it was a survey over spaghetti, not soup . . .


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