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Viewers may lament the fact that Oprah won't have Sarah Palin, or any candidate, on her show until after the election, but the decision may be irrelevant since the McCain campaign has dismissed the media's role in asking questions of the candidate. Apparently speeches, campaign events and ads, and a debate will be enough to teach Americans what they need to know about the national novice at number two.

Unscripted interviews and insight could help those who want to be as comfortable with the VP as they are with the top of the ticket, in the case that Palin must replace McCain. But others suspect that the public might give the McCain camp a pass for keeping her in the shadows. Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic says: "If Palin sat for one major television interview with, say, a gentle but probing Diane Sawyer . . . and then an interview with her local paper in Alaska . . . and then gave no press avails and held no press conferences . . . the media would complain a lot. Would people care?"

Well, do you care if Sarah Palin can answer tough questions from a reporter?


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