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McCain Girls Mystery Solved . . . See Who Made the Music Video

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McCain Girls Mystery Solved . . . See Who Made the Music Video
The McCain Girls mystery has been solved. The women belting out campaign slogans for the "straight talker" in the hits, "It's Raining McCain" and "Here Comes McCain Again," are the brain children of comedy site John McCain gave a shout out to the group on Fox News, but at that time he didn't even know who the McCain Girls were.

Auntie-Coosa Auntie-Coosa 9 years
As I've commented in the recent past. This is the internet age, not the horse and buggy age. There's no verifiable reason to have the electoral process be longer than eight or nine months. Funny, cute and if you can't throw some satire out there, then this is not the good ol' USofA. We are FAMOUS for our ability to laugh at ourselves. (And non-freedom loving people neither understand nor appreciate that about us.)
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