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McCain and Obama Talk About Troops

CitizenSugar, McCain, and Obama Talk Troops Today

After recent heated exchanges between McCain and Obama regarding the war in Iraq, and a controversial ad from Hillary's campaign, spurred the conversation to focus on the commander-in-chief aspect of the job today. Both spoke out about troops and their credentials to lead them at events in Texas.

Barack Obama in Houston today emphasized the "sacred trust" we have with those who serve, saying that his priority is to fully fund veterans' health care, and that currently "we are not serving our troops and our veterans as well as they have served us." He went on to say, "I'm running for commander in chief on a record of standing up for our wounded warriors."

At a town hall in Round Rock, Tex., today John McCain fielded a question from a Marine veteran about mental health care for veterans. John McCain answered similarly by paraphrasing a quote from George Washington that he carries with him, saying that the willingness of future generations to serve, rests solely on the treatment we give those who have.

Taking care of the troops wasn't just a topic on the campaign trail, a lot of Sugar readers shared their experiences of serving and serving from home today. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your stories and thank you for your strength.


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juicylove1228 juicylove1228 9 years
obama in office???? no thanks. i'll pass.
indielove indielove 9 years
"He was right in 2002. He was right in 2006. He is right today." That pretty much sums it all up.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
Veteran related legislation that Obama has worked on: In 2007, Obama sponsored with Kit Bond (R-MO) an amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization Act adding safeguards for personality disorder military discharges, and calling for a review by the Government Accountability Office following reports that the procedure had been used inappropriately to reduce government costs. Obama also sponsored a Senate amendment to the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to provide one year of job protection for family members caring for soldiers with combat-related injuries
Jillness Jillness 9 years
I have been VERY let down with the amount of attention that our government has given to Afghanistan and Pakistan since the war began. First intellegence was coming in saying that Al Queda has been regrouping there. Then reports were coming in that they were approaching pre-9/11 strength there. Now they ARE as strong as they were during 9/11, and yet few are focusing on this very important region. In 2006 I read an article about Obama, and he was saying then, as he says now, that the area between Afghanistan and Pakistan needs more attention and resources because that is where Al Queda is regrouping. He was right in 2002. He was right in 2006. He is right today.
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