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Meet August's Top Talker!

Meet August's Top Talker!

Phew! Between speeches this week, I was furiously counting up the fantastic comments from August. Mid-count, the super-duper Top Talker made a comment about the handmade signs at the RNC — and crazily I was able to capture this scene, just for him/her. . . a little craft project in the snack bar at the convention!

This man very fastidiously colored in the letters of his sign — and I saw him waving it on the floor some moments later. It was like a CitizenSugar thread come to life! All that counting though, made me hungry for a big, juicy apple. . . .

Think you know who the Top Talker is? To find out,


Congratulations torgleson! This month torgelson made 766 smashing comments and added a ton to the debate! The rest of the top five rounds out nice and bipartisan-y: Stephley slides in at #2 with 510 comments, perennial top-fiver UnDave35 with 507, Great Sommelier is fourth with 422, and Jillness rounds out the list with 417.

Thank you to everyone who brought so much to the comments this month!

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