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Meet December's Top Talker!

Meet December's Top Talker!

Last month, we took a look back at all the biggest and best headlines of 2008, discussed the paparazzi's love for the Obamas while they vacationed in Hawaii, and witnessed a violent conflict erupt in Gaza. During the eventful month, you all offered insightful comments and engaged in some lively debates. But just like in the Minnesota senate race, there must be a December top talker winner! To find out who will receive a CitizenSugar T-shirt as the prize,


Congratulations to stephley! June's top talker successfully went for a repeat before 2008 came to an end!

If you want your own CitizenSwag, but can't wait until we've tallied up January's comments, check out the full selection of CitizenSugar gear at the Sugar Shop.

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