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Meet-Up Groups For Men Only

Bros and Woes: Meet-Up Groups to Empower Men

The mancession hasn't helped the growing idea that men are the new marginalized sex. Last month The Daily Show took on the crisis of masculinity when Samantha Bee infiltrated the "man circles" that have become an organized way for men to bond. Now support groups are popping up for once-powerful executives who are wilting away in unemployment.

What exactly do men do with their organized time alone? I checked out, and found some of the best no-girls-allowed groups.

For Dating

  • The Official NYC Lair: A community of men that help each other learn to increase their success with women. Using many tactics outlined in Neil Strauss's New York Times bestselling book The Game, NYC Lair uses meetings, a private website, and master pick-up artists to teach the new guys how it is done.
  • Men's Inner-Game Workshop: "I've done what most men fantasize about, and I want men to feel comfortable doing what I've done and more."

For Bonding

  • Men Healthy Touch Club: A meet-up group for men who want to explore and connect with other men through various forms of healthy touch, including cuddling, mutual massage, and sensual touch individually and in group settings.
  • Yorkshire Men's Natursim Meet-Up Group: This is a social group for men in Yorkshire to meet each other naked. It is for both experienced naturists and also for guys who just like the idea of socializing nude with other guys in a nonsexual context.

To see the rest,


For Celebrating Men

  • Masculine Energy Now (M.E.N): Masculine Energy Now (MEN) is a social club for single, straight men in their 20s and 30s to help us build our masculine energy through socializing, discussing relevant topics (opposite sex, money, career, goals), hanging out, and making new friends.
  • Celebrating Male Beauty: There are lots of groups out there dedicated to photographing women, but very few dedicated to men — until now. This group is about celebrating the beauty of men in all its forms, colours, shapes, sizes and orientations through the medium of photography and sometimes video.

And For This . . .

  • The M5 Group: Meet other local men who juggle marriage, family and same-sex attraction. Meet and make friends in a safe and sane environment and avoid the dangers of anonymous sex. Develop ongoing friendships with like-minded guys. This group is only for discreet men who are currently married or who have been previously married.

"Like-minded" is certainly one way of putting it!

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